My DYCP (develop your create practice) entitled choreographic sound ∞ music expansion & transformation, through the notions of fluidity, multiplicity and entanglement, consisted of vocal coaching with Jenny Moore, Alice Grant, Arianna D’Amato & Roy Hart coach Nadine Rodilla, creative musicianship mentoring with Maria Moraru, training in music production & in live electronic music performance with Jose Macabra & Dan Nicholls, coaching with Eva Martinez, sound art & philosophy with Salome Voegelin, dramaturgy with Alexandra Baybutt and my own integration, development & creative practice.

On Ableton I created the tack hello simpling and a sound-scape from field recordings I did in the Minett, the red earth region in Luxembourg, which I presented as a sound installation at the trough sensuous landscapes event at Cercle Cité (LU) on the 30th of September 2023, upon their invitation to share my DYCP, and as part of my research into sound, place and the body.

A sound-scape using composed as well as technologically recomposed field recordings of animal and element sounds from the Minett, creating recognisable sound-scapes as well as fictive dreamscapes.

I went to the Minett, the terre rouge of the south west of Luxembourg, to Rumelange, Esch-sur-Alzette, Belvaux and the Giele Botter, to listen to the landscape’s pluralities and to what possibilities might emerge.

With the mentoring of Jose Macabra and Salome Voegelin.

We enacted the sound installation with a performance score, a 30-minute sounding the body landscape performance at cercle cité (LU) on the 30th of September 2023 : sonic landscapes created from our sensing of vibrations, listening, sounding and shifting bodily landscapes, through different temporalities, layering and transformation. You can find the videos of the performance on this page.

Sound design: Jose Macabra
Performers and collaborators: Laura Doehler, Christine Sollie and myself
Dramaturgical collaborator: Alexandra Baybutt
Mentor: Salome Voegelin

A sound-track from our sounding-the-body-landscapes rehearsals and event created by Jose Macabra

Upon the task of creating a track with ableton’s midis and simpler, and using a track we are inspired by and to play with using ableton’s simpler, here a layering towards the simpling of a sample of Paradise Valley by Jay Daniel.