Vibrant Matter is a non profit organisation for the arts, with a focus on choreography, sound and political ecologies.

Founded in 2020 by Gary Diderich, Chantal Sabattini, Stilbé Schroeder and myself, the Luxembourg based company is built around my work and functions as a platform and host with the following goals:

- Trans-disciplinary training, research, workshops, reflection, discourse, (artistic) exchange and conversations. 
- The creation, production, diffusion, communication, transmission and organization of artistic work. 
- Collaboration with various individuals, artists and institutions, as well as the coordination of events.
- Social and environmental engagement 


Tania Soubry, Artistic Director and choreographer

Kathy Alcalde, Project Manager

Alexandra Baybutt, Dramaturge

Michael Picknett, Musician


Henrique Furtado Vieira, dancer/performer

Laura Doehler, dancer/performer

Pepa Ubera, dancer/performer

Michèle Tonteling, Costume designer and scenographer

Nico Tremblay, Lighting designer

Bohumil Kostohryx, Photographer

Board members

President: Stilbé Schroeder

Treasurer: Gary Diderich

Secretary: Chantal Sabattini