Sensing the vastness of possibilities
I vow to the unfolding flow and motion
Surrendering, just so, in harmony with now and here

Delighted by the upheaval paradoxical lightness
Riding the dragon, changing with the change
The changeless state
Life of death of life

© Chris Nash
Choreography: Deborah Hay
Adaptation and Performance: Tania Soubry
Support: Ministry of Culture of Luxembourg
Duration: 17 minutes
3.12.2011: I-Dance Festival, Hong Kong (HK)
19+20.3.2009 and 26 + 27.6.09: The Place, Robin Howard DanceTheatre, London (UK)
29.5.2009: Centrul de Cultura GEORGE APOSTU, Bacau (RO) 
31.7.2009: Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourg (LU)