Classes and Workshops

Regular drop in classes:

This class is open to everybody.

Contemporary dance, street dance and fusion:

The workshop will start with a soulful warm up, releasing and energising, tuning into our breath, our weight in relationship to gravity, and ourselves, our soma. Raising the pulse, blood circulation and stretching into flexibility. We’ll then do some simple steps and moves, circling and spiralling, opening and closing, shifting weight, moving the chi, working on grounding, centring, dynamic alignment and connections, simple fundamental basics, oiling the articulations, balance, strength and softness. 

We will move on to more complex movement patterns, working on co-ordination, articulation, effort, dynamics and rhythmicality in a fun and funky way. 
And we’ll finally do a bigger phrase, playing with movement material, including footwork, travelling through space and changing directions, to get us dancing in a grooving and elaborate way. 
The class includes given material, as well as some own movement exploration and creation.

Ongoing: every Tuesday 17.00-18.30: Contemporary Soul Groove Workshop at the Stretch at Goldsmiths, London:

Professional classes:

2017: 3-7 th of April: Professional Dance Class at Trois C-L:

2016: 29 February – 4 March: 10.00-11.30: Professional Dance Class at Trois C-L Luxembourg:



14 April: 19.30-21.00: Contemporary Soul Groove Workshop at White Hart Studios:

14 March: 19.00-21.00: Contemporary Soul Groove Workshop at the Conway Hall, London:

13 + 14 February: 11.00 and 13.30: Contemporary Soul Groove Workshops for kids 5+ and parents at the Mini Vault Festival

11 January: 19.00-21.00:  Contemporary Soul Groove at the Conway Hall, London: