I mainly teach Movement and Contemporary dance, as well as facilitating workshops, improvisation, creative and choreographic practice. To synthesise what I learned, and what resonated with me as sound movement practices and training, I created a fusion called Contemporary Soul Groove Dance Classes.

My teaching and classes are rooted in Release Technique, LABAN and Bartenieff Fundamentalls, Experimental Anatomy, Floor Work,  Aikido, Tai Chi and Contact Improvisation, among others. I had a consistent long time training in Ballet and took classes in and am influenced by:  Axis Syllabus, Flying Low and Passing Through, Limon, Cunningham, Graham Capoeira and more.

I am inspired and interested in various expressions of movement and dance and partook in african dance classes and workshops, took break dance, house, afro house, hip hop and dance fusion classes, and I trained in Kung Fu.

I have also studied Shiatsu for a year and a half, and have done somatic practices such as Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering, Fascia Pulsologie, as well as practicing Yoga and Chi Gung.

I recently taught at the Green in Nunhead, at Chisenhale Dance Space (UK) at the Conservatorie de la Ville de Luxembourg, for the Edmund Waller Primary School , in the Progress department at City Lit, for Community Focus and at Goldsmith’s Dance Society (UK).

I have been assisting dance classes for kids at LABAN in 2003 and 2015, and for Greenwich Dance Agency in 2006. I was also teaching through my BA(hons) course, where I did the teaching technique and community dance modules, and with the Postgraduate dane Company EDge. Since 2005 I taught dance classes ranging from kids movement and dance classes, from the age of three, to teenagers, adults, seniors and dance students. I taught various classes ranging from carer and toddler, to creative dance, ballet and contemporary dance. I gave twice a one week workshop based on Bartenieff Fundamentals, Release Technique, improvisation, including the voice, and composing. I taught in primary and secondary schools in Luxembourg, in a private dance school and through the council. I also taught in dance centres such as Trois C-L (Luxembourg), the Firkin Crane (Cork, Ireland), Y-Space  (Hong Kong) and George Aposto Centre (Romania). I am currently part of Exit Map, where we offer and facilitate Shared Training for professional Dancers format hosted at The Green in Nunhead, at Trip Space in Haggerston, and The Old Tidemill School in Deptford, among others: https://exitmap.wordpress.com/training/

Teaching CV

2020: Sounding the body-landscape workshop at Chisenhale Dance Space and Towards Regenerative Cultures: How do you do? at The Green in Nunhead.

2018-2019: Regular Contemporary Soul Groove Dance Classes at Chisenhale Dance Space and the Green Community Centre in Nunhead

2017: June and October: Teaching for Community Focus, London: www.communityfocus.co.uk

2017: 3-7 th of April: Professional Dance Class at Trois C-L: http://www.dance.lu

16/12/2016 – 2017 winter term: teaching Contemporary Dance in the Conservatoire de la ville de Luxembourg, year 1-6: http://www.conservatoire.lu

2016: Teaching Contemporary Soul Groove at the Conway Hall and at Goldsmith’s Dance Society: fb page

2016-2018: Teaching Dance Workshop in the Progress Department at City Lit: http://www.citylit.ac.uk

2016:  29 February – 4 March: 10.00-11.30: Professional Dance Class at Trois C-L: http://www.dance.lu

2015-2018: Teaching at the Edmund Waller Primary School in New Cross. London

2015-16: Covering contemporary jazz classes in the Central School of Ballet

2016: Teaching Ballet and Street Dance for Aim High Dance Academy

2015-15: Covering Ballet and Street Dance for TEAM in Crystal Palace and Ikanwin in Plaistow.

2015: Assisting creative dance, contemporary dance and dance fusion classes at LABAN: http://www.trinitylaban.ac.uk/schools-and-community/for-children-young-people

2015: Volunteering for heart’n’soul, an arts organization for people with learning disabilities: http://www.heartnsoul.co.uk

2014-2015: Facilitating Shared Practice at the Tidemill School in Deptford, Trip Space, Shadwell and in New Cross Midi Music Company: https://exitmap.wordpress.com/training/

December 2011: Teaching a  workshop as part of the I-Dance Festival in Hong Kong

September 2011: Career and toddler class at 3 C-L, Luxembourg

April 2010: Giving a one week workshop of contemporary dance for high school kids in Luxembourg, Lycée Alyne Mayrish

February 2010: Teaching professional class as part of our residency at the Firkin Crane, Cork, Ireland.

May 2009: Teaching weekly contemporary dance and contact improvisation within our residency at the Centrul de Cultura GEORGE APOSTU, Bacau, Romania,

April-May 2007: Contemporary dance classes at the Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourg

4-8 April 2007: Similar differences, different similarities, five day workshop in contemporary dance and creation, Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourg

January-March 2007 : Choreographing and teaching a monster dance for primary school children, Ecole Gaston Diderich, Luxembourg

January-Juin 2007: Teaching contemporary dance at the Studio de la Danse in Strossen, Luxembourg

December 2006: Replacing dance classes, ballet and contemporary, for children from the age of four till 18 at the Studio de la Dance in Strossen, Luxembourg

November 2006- Juin 2007: Teaching dance classes to young people from 12 till 16 and older people +55, organized by the Service Sportif de la Ville de Luxembourg

November 2006: Dance classes for musician children, UGDA, Luxembourg

25th of April-4thof July 2006: Assisting children classes, twice a week, 6-8 years and 8-10 years, at James Wolfe Primary School, London, through Greenwich Dance Agency

2-6 November 2005: Similar differences, different similarities, five day workshop in contemporary dance and creation, concluding with a showing in the Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourg

Spring 2003: Assisting career and toddler classes and creative dance classes for children aged 3 to 4, Laban